Commercial voice-over

Do you want to enhance the reputation of your company or one of your brands through the production of an advertising spot? To do this, are you looking for a voice-over that will highlight your identity and efficiently promote your products and services? As a professional commercial voice-over, I put all my savoir-faire, my experience and my equipment at your disposal to make your marketing project a success.

Commercial voice-over: the art of conveying a commercial message

The main function of advertising is to arouse the interest of a target audience for commercial purposes. A good publicity can have a great impact on the development of the company’s turnover since it offers important visibility. In order to realize this good publicity, it is essential to choose a voice-over that will be able to use his/her vocal assets to capture the attention of your customers and consumers and make them want to choose your company over your competitors’ one.

Being a professional commercial voice-over, I know how to use my voice to adapt it to your project. Whether it is for the launch of a new product or service, the promotion of your business or to transmit any other information and announcement, I use my voice expertise to ensure the success of your advertising campaigns.

My double range and my vocal timbre allow me to juggle between the voice of a child, girl or boy, teenagers, young adults and adults. Thus, I can directly get in touch with your target who will listen to my voice, take ownership of your message and take action.

Having been the voice-over for advertisements for Givenchy, JustFab, LDLC High Tech or Birkenstock, I have experience and know how to work with you to make your advertisement a commercial success.

Want to get an overview? I invite you to listen to my “commercial voice-over” demo and to contact me.

French voice-over for radio

A commercial voice-over for all your communication media

One of the main assets of a good voice-over is his/her ability to adapt to various projects for different media. As far as I am concerned, I work for audiovisual formats (television, web video, etc.) and for projects exclusively based on voice-over (radio, jingle, in-store advertising spot, etc.). Thus, I can complete a universe created from a visual support or create one by myself only with my voice.

In addition to having a good commercial voice-over, you need a perfect sound recording, which is why I have equipped my studio with high-end professional equipment such as the Neumann TLM 103 microphone or the Solid State Logic SSL 2, allowing you to have a high quality soundtrack.

If you want to make your advertisement a real communication asset, do not wait any longer and contact me. It is with great enthusiasm that I will use my skills as a commercial voice-over to dress up and enhance your project.