E-learning voice-over

Do you want to capture the attention of your learners, offer them a simple and enjoyable way to learn and enrich their skills? As a French professional voice-over, I help you achieve this goal by offering you to add my voice to your e-learning videos.   

E-learning voice-over: the advantage of your online training courses

The development of digital technologies has allowed the rise of online platforms and training courses. Because they offer real flexibility, autonomy and ease of learning, the latter are increasingly used in the professional and educational world. 

As a multimedia document, e-learning videos are based on 3 main elements, image, text, but most importantly, sound. Indeed, it is the latter that will allow your audience to be attentive and captivated by the subject of your study. This is why the choice of a e-learning voice-over cannot be done at random.  

My experience in this field will allow you to combine your video support with an educational and dynamic e-learning voice-over which will make the subject of your video more fascinating in the eyes of your learners. With my double vocal range, I am able to interpret different roles (adult, young adult, little girl or boy voice-over…) and thus, give them a well-defined voice style through a unique timbre. If your video presents a character who is visible on the screen, I will adapt my phrasing in order to offer you perfect lip synchronization. 

Because each project is different, I align with your needs in order to set the right tone and the right emotion that will allow your audience to follow and understand your content with ease, regardless of whether the video is long or short. Discover my demos and be convinced by my voice:  


Professional recordings

Because a good voice-over does not only depend on the voice, but also on the quality of the audio files, I have equipped my studio with high-end equipment to offer you perfect professional recordings.

Are you a company, an association, a school or an online learning platform looking for an e-learning voice-over? Contact me and together we will achieve your goals. 

e-learning voice-over