French voice-over animation (video game and cartoon)

Are you looking for a French voice-over for your animation videos in French and / or in English? Thanks to my double vocal range, I know how to adapt my voice to the personality of your cartoons and video games characters.

Give life to your animation characters thanks to your French voice-over

Because cartoons are intended to make children dream, it is with a real pleasure that I offer my voice to your characters. Thanks to my various experiences and the range of my voice, I can play several characters for one and the same production. So, I can easily play the character of a little boy, a young girl, or young adults and adults, whether they are shy, kind, mean, etc. 

As a voice over for cartoons, I have lent my voice to many productions. Thus, I have been participating in the moments of relaxation of children watching cartoons like Polly Pocket, Pear Couple and many other ones… I also work for several animation channels and studios like Unicorn Media, Little Baby Bum, TheSoulPublishing, Dreamworks TV, Moonbug Entertainment…

voix off dessin animé

French voice-over video game: allow your audience to enter a new dimension

Using my voice, I have the ambition to bring your players to another reality. My passion for dubbing allows me to adapt to all types of characters and scenarios. Fast and efficient, I use professional equipment to offer you a perfect voice-over for your video game in French and in English. So, I was able to work on various projects with different studios like LDLC, Steam, Pixel Maniacs…

voix off jeu vidéo

Would you like to discover my cartoon and video game voice-over talents? I invite you to listen to the “Animation” demo below and to contact me so that I can help you finish your project. 

Voice-over animation for your projects in English

Having studied English at university, I also work on animation projects in English. But what better way to convince you than to have you listen to my English animated voice-over demos: