French voice-over corporate

You want to make an institutional movie and are looking for a voice-over that will highlight your company, your services and your products? As a French voice-over for corporate videos, it is with pleasure that I take charge of making your project a reality, whether in French or in English.

Corporate voice-over: a way to stand out from your competitors

In our era punctuated by new information and communication technologies, video has taken on an important place. As a true means of internal and external communication, corporate videos, also called institutional videos, have become an essential medium for an effective communication strategy. 

In addition to the visual support, the voice-over is not to be neglected. Indeed, halfway between advertising and documentary voice-over, corporate voice-over will help you deliver the right message to the right audience. 

As a French corporate voice-over, my goal is to bring real added value to your corporate films. Depending on your objectives, I will know how to adopt the right tone and the right voice flow in order to improve your brand image, your notoriety and your visibility. 

Through my various experiences, I have learned to use my voice in the best possible way in order to convey the right emotions according to the projects entrusted to me. Whether it is a simple narration or a storytelling, my voice will harmonize perfectly with your video. 

Do not hesitate to listen to my "French voice-over corporate demo, and to contact me so that together, we enhance your audiovisual project.

French voice-over corporate demo

A recording made in a professional studio

As a professional voice-over actress, I equipped my studio with high-end equipment. Accompanied by the Neumann TLM 103 microphone, the Solid State Logic SSL 2 audio interface, the anti-pop filter Rode, acoustics and sound insulation, the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones, the Logic Pro X software and Adobe Audition, I record and produce quality soundtracks. 

If you are looking for a voice-over who will meet your communication objectives, do not hesitate any longer and contact me.