English voice-over

Are you looking for a voice-over who can make recordings in English? Having studied English at university, I use the skills acquired during my studies to highlight your English-speaking projects.

Voice-over in English for your business projects

Do you want to reach an international market? English being the most used language in the world, it will be difficult for you to ignore it. In order to help you promote your company and your products to an English-speaking clientele, I propose to participate in all of your projects requiring the use of English. 

Étant voix off professionnelle, je travaille sur tous types de projets (publicité, radio, billboard, corporate, e-learning, standard téléphonique…). Ayant une double tessiture vocale, il m’est possible de réaliser vos supports audio avec une voix off grave ou plus aiguë.

Discover my vocal universe through the “voice-over in English” demo and contact me so that your company stands out from that of your competitors and can have an impact on your international customers.  

English dubbing of your films and video games

Vous recherchez une voix off française pouvant réaliser le doublage de vos films d’animation (voix off dessin animé) et jeux vidéo en français et en anglais ? Étant bilingue anglais, je prête ma voix et mes compétences linguistiques à vos personnages de films, séries et jeux vidéo. 

My double vocal range allows me to have a child, young adult or adult voice. I can adapt to all kinds of characters, whether they are nice or evil, all in French and in English. 

Parce que le doublage de voix nécessite de l’interprétation, j’ajoute à cela des émotions qui créent un véritable lien entre les spectateurs et les personnages. 

The “Dubbing/Animation in English” demo that you will find below invites you to discover my vocal and linguistic skills. Do not hesitate to contact me so that together we can reach your Anglo-Saxon and English-speaking audience.

woman voice over for adult