Voice-over for trailers and billboards 

As true marketing tools, trailers and billboards have an essential impact on the success of your project, whether it is cinematographic or advertising. In order to complete and dress up the video of your trailer and billboard, I invite you to discover my voice.  

Professional female voice-over for your trailer

The trailer is a commercial advertising aimed at arousing the interest of your viewers and making them want to discover your project. Because it has become an essential tool in this digital age, it must be carried out to perfection. 

En tant que voix off française professionnelle (voix off femme), je vous propose d’offrir un charme et un dynamisme cohérent avec votre projet. Mes compétences et expériences ainsi que ma double tessiture vocale me permettent de vous proposer des bandes-annonces suscitant le désir de voir votre production audiovisuelle, sans pour autant tout dévoiler. 

Qu’il s’agisse d’un trailer pour un film, un jeu vidéo, un livre à destination du cinéma, de la télévision ou du web (YouTube, Netflix et tout autre site de streaming), je m’adapte à toutes vos contraintes pour vous offrir une voix off pub des plus attrayantes. 

The billboard: sponsorship to enhance your brand

The billboard is a very short animation (about ten seconds) appearing before a broadcast. This is carried out in partnership with the producers of the program and aims to highlight both your company and the program. Because it only lasts a few seconds, it is essential that these are used wisely.  

My qualities as a French, feminine and professional voice-over allow me to give to your billboard a most singular impact. Loving precision, I work with rigor on all my recordings while carefully following your script, your constraints, but also those of the television channel producing the show. 

Equipped with a state-of-the-art equipment, I offer you a quality voice-over without interference and other noises that could blur your message. 

Discover my different trailer and billboard demos for Disney Cinema, M6, W9, Uber Eats and contact me so that we can create a captivating trailer or billboard together.