french female voice over

Chloé Guerin, voice over artist.

Hello everyone! My name is Chloé Guerin, I'm 26 years old, and I'm a voice over artist, dubbing actress and singer.

I have been working on my voice since I was 7 years old. Passionate about my job, I spend most of my life in my professionally equipped home studio, recording, dubbing, playing, singing, in short: adapting my voice to each project I'm given.

Trained and certified in Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition, I edit every audio so that it is perfect, just like on TV, radio or in the movies, and that my clients are happy and perfectly satisfied with both my voice and the quality of the audio.


professional voice over

Professional studio

My recording studio is equipped with professional equipment: from the microphone to the isolation, everything is set up so that the quality is impeccable, worthy of television, radio or cinema.

Microphone Neumann TLM 103, interface audio Solid State Logic SSL 2, filtre anti-pop Rode, isolation acoustique et phonique, casque Audio Technica ATH-MSR7, logiciels Logic Pro X et Adobe Audition.

They trust me

Here are some of the companies which trust my voice and expertise.

Dream Works voix off féminine

Peacock Kids

Polly Pocket voix off féminine

Polly Pocket


Sympa voix off féminine

Bright Side

UPS voix off féminine

United Parcel Service


Peare Couple voix off femme

Pear Couple
Pear Couple

LalaLife voix off femme

La La Life

Moonbug Kids voix off femme

Moonbug Kids
Moonbug Entertainment

Pixel Maniacs voix off femme

Pixel Maniacs

Creative Studio Moresco

Cave Club

Little Baby Bum
Little Baby Bum en Français

Royal Canin voix off féminine

Royal Canin

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